"Wake Up To Find... ~Continue~" was released on 11/1/12 as the first omake chapter of To LOVE-ru Revenge. It's not included in any manga volume.


An elder man walks through the ruins of what appears to be a small village. As he comes to the edge of a large crator, he stops and swears he will "achieve revenge" for what has happened here, as if speaking directly to his presumed deceased villagers' souls. He throws his walking stick away, begins to pant and collapses; he appears to die as we see Earth beyond him, suggesting he was on the Moon.

At the Yuuki house, Rito wakes up in his bed. As usual, he finds a half-naked Momo in his bed, his remarks to get off him and her remarks to be gentle with her are overheard by Mikan downstairs whose imagination runs wild, and Nana enters the room to see what the noise is and attacks Rito after misunderstanding the situation.

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Yami comes over and Mikan suggests for them to take a bath together, which they do. Shortly, Momo proceeds with the Harem Plan as expected by telling Rito that the bathroom is open. When he goes in to take a shower, he finds the bathroom occupied by Mikan and Yami still getting dressed, and is attacked by a disgusted Yami.

Mikan, who has known Momo has up to something lately, and Nana, who despises Rito for his perverted acts even when accidental, agree to do what they can to keep Rito and Momo separated. Despite their efforts, Momo still gets Rito alone later. As he showers, she joins him and surprises him with her naked-self. She excites Rito to an especially great extent with her actions as she reminds him of the Harem Plan, and that she still intends to see it through. She asks him if he'll cooperate.