To love ru 16

Double full color cover page for Ch. 7.

"Hell of a New Look ~Return~" was released on 12/20/12 as the first manga chapter of To LOVE-ru Revenge. It's included in Volume 2.


A man stands atop the ledge of a building, overlooking the city, stating, "It's time."

Earlier that day, Rito was turned into Riko. Momo thought it was best for the Harem Plan, and seemingly her own pleasure, if she took advantage of this rare opportunity and teach Rito how to pleasure females by example. We hear Riko breathing heavily and moaning like crazy, then see her tortured yet pleasured face. Overwhelmed, Riko squeezes the bed sheets and begs Momo to stop what she's doing, when we see that Momo has the uppermost part of her tail down the front of Riko's panties and is overwhelmed herself.