"Falling Apart ~Nightmare~" was released on 11/15/12 as the third manga chapter of To LOVE-ru Revenge. It's included in Volume 1.


To love ru 33

Yami doubts Nemesis' rehabilitation.

Yami stands on top of a power line at night, overlooking the city, and wonders if Nemesis and Mea, even if now rehabilitated, can be trusted.

Yui dreams of being chased by Nemesis down a dark alley, scared, and reaches a dead end. Dark slime creeps around Yui, restrains her, and Nemesis appears behind her. Nemesis controls the slime to creep up Yui's body, particularly her shirt, lifting it up over her breasts, and Nemesis manually lifts half of Yui's bra and squeezes her breast, overwhelming her. Strangely, Nemesis whispers to Yui from behind that she'll be waiting for her at the fall festival, then pours slime into Yui's panties, who appears she is about to come but wakes up. Yui wonders why she's been having recurring, similar nightmares involving Nemesis.

Yui sits quitely at school as the other young characters are excited talking about the fall festival that they'll be going to after school. Yui watches Rito and Haruna sitting close to each other, laughing and talking together, almost in jelousy.

Suddenly, Risa gropes Yui's breasts from behind, reminding her of the part of a previous nightmare where Nemesis circles her finger around Yui's nipple, carefully avoiding contact with it, teasing her. In reality, Yui pushes Risa's hands away roughly as she starts to breathe heavily again from arousal, and Risa asks her if everything's alright. Yui ignores her, turns away, and tries to get herself under control.

As Yui walks through the halls, she comes across Yami, and the two walk to class together as they talk about Nemesis. Yui is able to share with Yami what she's been going through, as well as about when Nemesis teased Yui about her deepest insecurities she somehow learned, even in front of Rito, which they conclude to be the reason for her nightmares. Yui swears that she will take a stand against Nemesis.