To love ru 13

Full color cover page for uncensored Ch. 2.

"Comfort ~Cute Little Things~" was released on 11/8/12 as the second manga chapter of To LOVE-ru Revenge. It's included in Volume 1.


Momo finds Rito with Lala and explains to them her and Nana's situation. Lala is able to comfort Momo, saying it's a natural thing and Deviluke people only get it once. Rito notices Nana isn't actually with Momo, and she tells them she thought Nana had followed her, so they decide to split up and find her.

Nana sits on a hillside and has summoned dozens of small creatures with her D-Dial for some comfort. She begins to think about Rito, but stops herself. Haruna walks Maron, still embarassed about Rito seeing her in the bathroom, and discovers Nana sitting depressed.

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As Rito and Lala struggle to find Nana, she and Haruna comfort each other about their troubles, then share what they think about Rito. They seem to agree that Rito's consistent perverted acts are unecceptable, but neither come forward that they are confused about their feelings for Rito. Suddenly, Maron gives into his urges and licks Nana's vagina, and Haruna pulls him away and apologizes. Nana's animals become jelous and lick Nana all over, overwhelming her, and Rito finally finds Nana and pulls the animals off of her. A recovering Nana begins saying "My hero..." before realizing it was Rito was her savior. Nana, now flustered, explains that she thought Haruna was the one who did it. Rito finds the strength to apologize about seeing her in the bathroom, but Lala comes running before Haruna could respond. Lala tells Nana the same thing she did to Momo about getting her period for the first time. Several bystanders who can hear stop and look, Rito becomes uncomfortable, and Nana yells at Lala, embarassed.

Momo, hidden behind a corner, observes what's happening and presumably has been since Haruna arrived. Momo is pleased that this has brought Haruna and Nana, Rito and Nana, Rito and Haruna, etc. closer together. Therefore, she sees that the The Harem Plan is moving along smoothly.