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Gid threatening to destroy the Earth with Materialization.

Chakra Materialization, or simply Materialize, is the second Path formerly passed down through the Deviluke Clan and now through the Deviluke planet that allows the user to summon, or materialize, their chakra from within them.


See also: Six Paths

As the false knowledge that every ability was unrelated to each other became common belief, Deviluke was admired for having such a strong ability, Materialize, in their bloodline. At that time, it was unknown that there were four other abilities of that power in existence, the other four Paths. Every other ability made up the final Path and are much weaker separately. Because of that, understandably, Deviluke rose to power and because of Materialize.


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Momo uses her tail as a medium for Materialization to make a more precise chakra blast.

Materializing one's chakra is powerful, but also very handy and versatile. It can create blasts and beams for offense, shields and walls for defense, and anything from a cup to a table for personal use or comfort.


Users must be careful during battle to which extent they Materialize their chakra at which time, because using chakra this way takes it up faster than when using other abilites. Those who Materialize for battle usually create blasts or shields and have to fill the shape entirely, otherwise it will be much less efficient.


As seen when Gid was threatening to destroy the Earth, Materialize can also be used to send the user's chakra through objects to crumble them. As the three princesses of Deviluke have only been able to fire beams from the end of their tails, and as Gid is the only known character who has mastered Materialize, doing this presumably requires a higher level of difficulty.