"Putting An End To It ~Humiliation~" was released on 11/29/12 as the fifth manga chapter of To LOVE-ru Revenge. It's included in Volume 1.


To love ru 28

Nemesis finds the utmost delicate spots of Momo's highly sensitive tail.

Momo collapses on top of Rito. Just from being Mea's former master, Nemesis knows exactly where to touch and even lick Momo's tail for her to be receiving too much tantalization for her to retaliate. Nemesis states it's worth tormenting Momo just as much as Rito, as she likes the sounds Momo makes while in a situation like this as well. Nemesis then states it's "vulgar" for a Deviluke princess to be writhing on top of a male in public, humiliating Momo.

Nemesis continues to excite Rito now by curling her toes over his scrotum. When Momo realizes she's about to come, she fires a materialized chakra blast at Nemesis with her tail, who avaids it but gives up her grip of Momo's tail.

Mea is able to catch Nemesis off guard, and uses Transform to enter her mind. She begs Nemesis to stop all of this, pouring her heart out, and expresses her care for Nemesis. Mea gains strength from remembering when Nana did the same for her, and Nemesis realizes her respect for Mea. In reality, Nemesis tells them all of this, and that she will no longer bring herself to torment any of them if they're friends of Mea. Even so, Momo has not forgiven Nemesis for humiliating her, and wonders if this is an act.